Tuesday, August 4, 2009


While hearing this word we feel something
special, important. Its a very precious day to all.
i love my brother so much.I m very thankfull to my parents as they have given me such a wonderful life to both...
He is not only my brother, my friend well wisher... He can understand my feelings and he will give suggession. Sometimes i could not share all the things with my parent but I can share these things with him... He safe guards me so many times.Really i'm very lucky to have a brother like him. In chilchood days we use to quarelscold together just for fun,sometimes now also;-) WE both Are studying in different place... I MISS HIM A LOT...

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ಅರಕಲಗೂಡುಜಯಕುಮಾರ್ said...

Hi Asha,It's a nice read., ok How is going on ur studies? what abt the result? ok keep blogging.